Live Chat Software Features

Last Attempt Popups

How it works:

  • Last Attempt Popups are messages which come up whenever visitors attempts to leave a page or site.
  • Through state of the art mouse-tracking technology, an exit popup is able to detect if a visitor is about to leave your website.
  • Our Live Chat Media agents make sure the interaction continues through live chat.
  • Lead information will be sent to your email regarding relevant statistics.
  • To see a sample of an exit popup, visit


  • Reduces site abandonment by keeping visitors engaged through Last Attempt popups
  • Collects lead information from visitors before leaving your site.

General Last Attempt Popup Statistics

  • Last Attempt popups save around 10-15% of website visitors according to studies.
  • Last Attempt popups can gather 10x more email addresses compared to a normal form

Customer case study

  • Early Live Chat customers have seen a 15% increase in desktop conversions.


Mobile Text Chat

How it works:

  • A unique Mobile Text Chat phone number will be assigned to your company.
  • The assigned number will now be added to your website.
  • Website visitors will be able to communicate with the use of their mobile device.
  • Live Chat agents will communicate through SMS.
  • Relevant information will be sent to you through email.
  • Visitors can communicate even without the use of internet.


  • Interact with your visitors even when they are on the go.
  • Makes communication convenient even without internet.

General Texting Stats

  • An average adult spends at least 23 hours a week texting.
  • 64% of consumers think highly of companies that communicate through text
  • Companies that send messages to prospects via text have seen a conversion rate of above 40%

Customer Case Study

  • 51% of generated chat leads come from mobile texting
  • There has been a 34% increase in mobile chat leads as compared to desktop


Call Connect

Live Chat Media Productions Inc. has the unique ability to connect visitors directly to your office by phone from within the chat with NO EXTRA CHARGE! This increases conversion rate as we eliminate email and phone tags.

Visitors will first be asked for a phone number where we can contact them. Then, our live chat agent inputs the number into our system in order to generate an outbound call to the number given, as well as place an outbound call to your office at the same time.

Both ends will receive a text-to-speech message saying “Connecting you to [name], please hold.” A caller ID coming from a specific area code will appear indicating that a live chat call is about to come in.


Google Your Business With Live Chat

Google now allows Text Messaging directly from Google local listings

Live Chat Media Productions Inc. actively handles text messages and sends you immediate response 24/7. We can capture valuable leads the same way we do live chat on your website.

A unique SMS text phone number will first be assigned to your company before assisting you in integrating the phone number with your Google My Business Page. Visitors would then be able to connect to you through chat via their native mobile texting app.

We capture each visitor’s mobile number in order to provide a convenient way to communicate with our agents while on the go at their own time.

Facebook Integration

Live Chat Media Productions Inc. uses Facebook messenger integration in order to connect agents with prospects.

Though Facebook ads, businesses are able to capture more leads through increased engagement. Businesses are able to reach customers via social media with Facebook’s call-to-action buttons, which allows users to communicate via Facebook Messenger.

Our Facebook Messenger Integration service can help you capture more leads, which allow individuals to reach out to your business directly when its services when needed.

We do live chat with prospects through Messenger the same way we do with your website visitors. That way, we can assure you that your business will generate more leads.

Enjoy a hassle-free and efficient Messenger integration through Live Chat Media Productions Inc.

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