Ipad Floor Stand With Lock

Product description:

This Ipad floor stand with lock is upgraded by 13H2-A. The tension iPad holder with 360 degree rotated design by self locking, adjustable size from 19mm to 27mm. The 2mm thickness steel base makes it stable on the floor. With the adjustable post from 70mm to 120mm to fit different function. It is perfect for shopping malls, marketings.


Product detail:

Material: Aluminum frame and Steel base

Packing: EVA and carton

Size: 120 height



  1. Aluminum tension post from 70mm to 120mm.
  2. Tension ipad holder from 19mm to 27mm to fit different iPad size.
  3. 360 degreee rotated design for holder.
  4. Locking by dcrew at back, to avoid lost.
  5. Strong packing with EVA/nylon bag/ carton.
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