Sales Counter

Product description:

The new design of Sales Counter is based on the traditional velcro popup frame, and connected bars with channels, fitting silicon edge textile graphic. Just add some more plastic parts and connected bars.


Product Detail:


Packaging: Nylon bag plus carton


Graphic Size32.5 x 83.5cm;2-30×83.5cm
Packing Size45 x 21.5x 93cm


Product Features:
1. The frame is made of a new design, aluminum SEG popup counter, based on traditional velcro frame.
2. The connected bars are very easy to install or take off, no bungee, but more better for you to replace, once there is any broken.
3. The frame is banded on LT-09 series pop up, almost the same frame, only some different plastic parts to be used.
4. The graphicis so smooth and perfect good, no matter the velcro pop up counter or PVC pop up counter.
5. A shelf in the middle, could be used by wooden panel or plastic panel, for customers’choice.

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