Teardrop Flag

Product Description:

The Teardrop Flag is designed for both indoor& outdoor use, mainly for outdoor. The metal plate base and aluminum poles, help the flag stand more stable in the wind.

Product Uses:

  1. Sports Events
  2. Governmental Campaigns
  3. Public Activities
  4. Service Stations
  5. Grand Openings

Product Detail:

Material: Aluminum tube frame

Packing: nylon bag, the out box protect the products inside.

Size Available: 

  • 8.2 Feet
  • 11.4 Feet
  • 14.8 Feet
  • 18 Feet


1. Pole is made of aluminum tube material, easy to install
2. The steel base and cross base is available to use and choice
3 .Water ring also could be used if needed
4. Nylon carry bag to make more easy to take and move.

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