What is Live Chat?

Try to remember the last time you encountered an issue which you could not solve on your own while visiting a website? Now think how simple it would have been to solve if you had someone knowledgeable by your side to guide you and help sort out the issue. With Live chat, you can have exactly that! The easy to use support system saves both the website visitor and you the frustration of using traditional customer service methods, while granting you an insight into all the previous chats thus allowing for quality assurance and better lead generation.

Live chat replaces long phone wait times and writing formal emails with real time chat consultation. No matter your website type, providing visitors with ever present support can vastly improve their experience and increase retention. With Live chat, you provide visitors with a chat, reminiscent of one used by numerous social media platforms, letting them communicate with a customer service agent in real time, through a familiar, yet intuitive interface. Your visitors will be able to ask any question, at any time and know that they will not have to wait long for an answer.

With large percentages of budgets being spent on advertising and marketing, have you considered how to retain your users? How do you ensure that your potential users are retained after visiting your website? Do you offer the simplest and easiest to use support to guide your customer throughout their website experience?

Imagine a customer trying to find certain information on your website, or about to check out their purchase, only to encounter an issue. Perhaps they want to know whether you offer a certain service or product? If you were the customer, would you prefer to be able to Live chat with a customer representative in real time, over e-mail or telephone calls?

Using Live chat, you can always be at service to your website visitors. Even if you do not sell products, your website will greatly benefit from having live chat support available as it shows your devotion to customers and their satisfaction. Most customers will find alternative sources for their needs so by implementing Live chat you show that you value their time, by giving them means of avoiding long wait times and granting them instant support. Providing instant support allows you to always have a heads up on your competition, stay in touch with your visitors and increase customer satisfaction. Instead of focusing on advertising, focus on providing the best user experience as it will generate stable leads and open up potential new leads.

The internet has created a new medium, where the physical approach has been digitized. Because of this, many websites lack the chance to establish trust with their users because they avoid the fundamental rules of customer satisfaction. By implementing Live chat, both you and the customer are able to bridge the uncertainty gap and build mutual trust by having an open communication method.

While customer satisfaction is a constant priority, the possibilities our Live chat software offers make it merely a tip of the iceberg. Promote your products and services by advertising them at the bottom of the chat box, thus increasing your product reach. Live chat is a powerful website analytics tool, permitting you to analyze all promotional advertising, view the statistics on how much traffic you are getting at a given time, as well as the sources of your potential leads. By utilizing these features of our Live chat software, you may actively develop your marketing strategy, leading to better leads and higher retention rate.

Our state of the art system, allows for effortless lead generation giving you more time to focus on business growth and increasing sales. Information about the user’s website viewing habits, location and source can be of immense help when planning your marketing campaign. After each chat, the logs are saved and sent to both parties. You may use chat logs to track the quality of every chat that takes place on your website, allowing for quality assurance of departments and agents responsible for the chat, as well as possible follow up with your new lead.

It not only allows monitoring and analyzing potential leads, but also lets you tailor your website experience to the needs of your users. Live chat offers detailed usage reports, transcripts and statistics which are a powerful tool to employ for easier quality control. Exploring reports, transcripts and statistics gives you an insight into what it is that your users want- gain competitive advantage and increase customer retention by being the one to provide it to them.

Furthermore, Live chat offers a way to cut down on costs associated with traditional customer support upkeep. By allowing representatives to handle multiple chats simultaneously you increase efficiency and remove the need for hiring as many representatives.

Live chat is the next step in customer support evolution. If you want to grant instant support availability,  use metrics and analytics to better target your potential leads, increase customer satisfaction and retention by removing the obstacles and hidden pains behind using traditional methods of customer support, Live chat is the system for you. The system is open for everyone to use, no matter whether you run an e-commerce or a company website, and its features will skyrocket your website to the top.

Welcome to Live chat! Are you ready for the next step?

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