Many people overlook the power of “Branded Mats” as an important marketing strategy. Many actually use this to showcase personality and personal style. Live Chat Media Productions Inc. offers this innovative marketing strategy in an effort to keep your brand front and center of people’s entranceways. Our branded mats allow you to invest in good quality mats for your company at a one- time affordable price. There will be no contract or monthly fees necessary. We provide branded mats in all sizes with your company logo attached. That way you can always make great first impressions even on the foor of your doorstep. Add your slogan to the mat and tell people your story TODAY!


  • Acts as a good advertising tool
  • Keeps floors clean, dry and safe
  • Helps Build Company Pride and Awareness


Commercial/Decorative/Home /Hotel/Outdoor/Indoor/Entrance

  • Front Door
  • Check out Counters
  • Receptionist Area
  • Throughout a retail store
  • Food Counters
  • Hallways
  • Elevators
  • Behind a Bar


  • Clearly embroidered brand logo
  • Multiple Colorway
  • Highly Absorbent
  • Machine Washable


  • 100% Cotton


  • Graphic Size: 126.5”w x 62.75”h
  • Weight: Approximately 1kg



Clean dirt and dust (water absorption), Adhesive-Protective /Anti-Slip /Corrosion-Resistant / Waterproof /Wrinkle-Resistant

Size: Customized (Max Width:200cm, Max Length 2400cm)

Back Thickness: 2mm

Backing Material: NITRILE RUBBER 2000g/m2

Backing Material: Rubber or Thermoplastic Rubber(TPR)

Color, Design and Size all could be customized!


1: Heavy 100% nylon face offers outstanding absorption and durability.

2: Nitrile rubber backing keeps the logo mat in place. Choose from gripper backs for carpets and flat back for hard floors.

3: Color and design could be customized without extra charge.

4: We give you free advice on ensuring your logo or message stands out

5: The entire fibre is printed, not just the surface

6: Chroma-Jet print technology will not fade over time

7: Non slip nitrile rubber backing and border will not split or curl

8: Stops dirt and water being tracked into your building and protects surrounding floors

9: No minimum order quantity

10: Pantone colour matching available

11: Promote your brand, enhance your image and impress your visitors!

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