Mobile Text Chat

How it works:

  • A unique Mobile Text Chat phone number will be assigned to your company.
  • The assigned number will now be added to your website.
  • Website visitors will be able to communicate with the use of their mobile device.
  • Live Chat agents will communicate through SMS.
  • Relevant information will be sent to you through email.
  • Visitors can communicate even without the use of internet.


  • Interact with your visitors even when they are on the go.
  • Makes communication convenient even without internet.

General Texting Stats

  • An average adult spends at least 23 hours a week texting.
  • 64% of consumers think highly of companies that communicate through text
  • Companies that send messages to prospects via text have seen a conversion rate of above 40%

Customer Case Study

  • 51% of generated chat leads come from mobile texting
  • There has been a 34% increase in mobile chat leads as compared to desktop
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