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Make our new stay at home orders work for you and your business.  Turn TV viewers into customers with (CTV) Connected TV.  Connected TV allows for real time buying power over traditional (OTT) Over the Top Advertisers where shows are broadcasted and scheduled.

These days, viewers watch what they want -when they want since streaming devices give us the ability to do so.  Connected TV is a Smart TV, desktop, tablet, or mobile phone that connects to the internet allowing streaming of videos to be seen.  Ad buyers purchase ads that are served before content can be watched or during traditional commercial breaks.

Connected TV videos are 15-30 seconds long


BUDGET FRIENDLY: Target intended viewers

HIGHER AD VIEWABILITY AND REDUCED COST PER IMPRESSION: More eyes equal higher visibility as more people are online watching TV together

HIGHER ENGAGEMENT LEVELS: This allows for you to track how long your videos are watched

EFFECTIVE CROSS DEVICE ADVERTISING:  Allowing you to be seen on any device that connects to the internet

REAL TIME ANALYTICS: This allows us to give you monthly reporting so we can groom and tweak your campaign to your budget and target market.

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