Get Your Most Important Message Delivered BY a Live Chat Virtual Spokesperson

Video’s ranging from 30-60 seconds.
Pay a One Time Fee and The Video Belongs to You!

Product Use:

1. Sales Promotions
2. You Tube
3. Direct Response
4. Online Learning
5. Product Demonstrations
6. Online Testimonials
7. Public Relations
8. Call to Action

Special Features (Works on Desktop and Mobile):

1. Place anywhere on your website
2. Spokesperson is clickable to any URL
3. Audio controls (playback, play once a week, once a month etc..)
4. Add music or audio sound track
5. Overlay graphics or Text
6. Position them where you want
7. Adjustable Sizing Options

How It Works

You choose your own Professional Actor or Actress from our list.  They come from all ethnic backgrounds, ages and represent all sorts of talent.  Your Virtual Spokesperson will have passion and enthusiasm for your business like it’s their own.

Our Professional Actors & Actresses

Allie M.
Alyssa L.
Andi T.
Andrea C.
Art E.
Bobby D.
Brian A.
Brittany C.
Cat S.
Chad N.
Chris H.
Cristina E.
Daniela S.
Deborah R.
Dominika S.
Elaina M.
Erica D.
Frank G.
Itziar M.
Jane R.
Jodi D.
John P.
Judy R.
Karina B.
Laetitia R.
Leslie N.
Marlyn S.
Michael W.
Mike C.
Mike R.
NIkki M.
Noa L.
Ric B.
Steven W.
Suzanne K.
Suzanny C.
Tim L.
Tracy M.
Vanessa L.

Virtual Spokesperson Attire

Virtual Spokesperson models will wear anything you want them to wear, something sporty, professional, casual, formal attire or even your company uniform.  Their attire should represent your company.  How they dress around your office? What kind of look do you want to relay to your customers? Or do you want them to be dressed formally or have the look of your average customer?

Script Writing

Script writing is included in the price.  However, feel free to do it yourself.  Your price will be determined by the length of your script.  You will have options and different packages to choose from.  A Spokesperson that doesn’t sound scripted is best, so we write your script and have your Live Chat Media Virtual Spokesperson, speaks friendly and natural in an engaging manner to your potential client.

Filming, Editing & Installation

All production we do is done in high definition which produces great results of your final project.  We also have editors that know how to fine tune your audio and video.  The installation of your final video, will be done by Live Chat Media Productions on your website including all post production support.  We offer the best service at reasonable rates.  Plus, the final project of your video will be solely be owned by you.

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