Last Attempt Popups

How it works:

  • Last Attempt Popups are messages which come up whenever visitors attempts to leave a page or site.
  • Through state of the art mouse-tracking technology, an exit popup is able to detect if a visitor is about to leave your website.
  • Our Live Chat Media agents make sure the interaction continues through live chat.
  • Lead information will be sent to your email regarding relevant statistics.
  • To see a sample of an exit popup, visit¬†


  • Reduces site abandonment by keeping visitors engaged through Last Attempt popups
  • Collects lead information from visitors before leaving your site.

General Last Attempt Popup Statistics

  • Last Attempt popups save around 10-15% of website visitors according to studies.
  • Last Attempt popups can gather 10x more email addresses compared to a normal form

Customer case study

  • Early Live Chat customers have seen a 15% increase in desktop conversions.
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