Curved Advertising Flags

Product Description

These Curved Advertising Flags are curved at the top but have different shaped bottoms.  Its shape gives more advertising space then the ordinary curved top flags.  Suitable for many different kinds ground conditions and various kinds of bases and graphic models for choice. It is perfect for outdoor promotion activities. All Curved Advertising Flags are light weight and easy install.

Product Details:

  • Material: Aluminum and glass fiber frame
  • Packing: nylon bag, outer box will protect products inside.

Sizes Available:

  • 11.4 feet
  • 14.7 feet
  • 18.04 feet


Models Pole length Graphic size (cm)
Model A 11.4 ft 110 x 184 cm
Model A 14.7 ft 140 x 248 cm
Model A 18.04 ft 160 x 369 cm


Models Pole length Graphic size (cm)
Model B 11.4 ft 61 x 248 cm
Model B 14.7 ft 73 x 344 cm
Model B 18.04 ft 78 x 471 cm


Models Pole length Graphic size (cm)
Model C 11.4 ft 61 x 248 cm
Model C 14.7 ft 70 x 310 cm
Model C 18.04 ft 75 x 435 cm



  1. Aluminum pole and fiber glass pole
  2. Wall thickness over striking to 1.8mm from 1.2mm
  3. The wall thickness makes stronger wind resistance; most of the similar products in the market are with fiber glass pole only.
  4. Fiber glass with good toughness
  5. suitable for various printing and flying styles
  6. Top has fiber glass, with circle header, compared with the ellipse header from other suppliers
  7. Nylon carry bag to make makes it easier to move around
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